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Table 1 Overview of the research areas

From: Personal networks: a tool for gaining insight into the transmission of knowledge about food and medicinal plants among Tyrolean (Austrian) migrants in Australia, Brazil and Peru





Social milieu and structure of settlement

municipality (7,760 inhabitants), no road access until 1975

municipality (6,400 inhabitants), good road access

Tyroleans dispersed in different urban and peri-urban areas

Economic conditions

high importance of agriculture and forestry work

agriculture, tourism, woodwork

high importance of non-agricultural labour

Environmental conditions

humid, tropical climate

temperate climatic conditions

ranges from temperate climate to subtropical climate

Type of immigration

colonisation project under governmental agreement

organised group funded by the Austrian government

individual immigration mostly under the Assisted Passage Scheme

Date of immigration

1859 and 1869: approx. 310 Tyroleans

1933 to 1939: approx. 560 Tyroleans

1952 to 1961: approx. 17,000 Austrians