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Table 3 Elements used to visualise the personal networks on paper sheets

From: Personal networks: a tool for gaining insight into the transmission of knowledge about food and medicinal plants among Tyrolean (Austrian) migrants in Australia, Brazil and Peru

Element Visualisation on paper
Ego (respondent) Round yellow card in the centre of an A0 paper sheet
Alter (type of knowledge source) Person: round yellow card
Audiovisual: orange rectangular card
Print media: brown rectangular card
Institutions and organisations: red rectangular card
Amount of knowledge Size of alters’ card in cm (Ø 4 = not much, Ø 5 = some, Ø 6 = much, Ø 7 = very much) to represent different amounts of knowledge
Relationship ties Expressed through the distance from the ego card to all alters’ cards allocated by ego
Contact frequency (ego to alters) Three lines (≡): often
Two lines (=): occasionally
One line (-): rarely
One line (- red colour): no contact († dead)