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Table 4 Plant species with the highest frequency of citation based on overall effectiveness to treat the corresponding human ailments

From: Ethnomedicinal plants used to treat human ailments in the prehistoric place of Harla and Dengego valleys, eastern Ethiopia

Species name Disease (s) treated F(%)
Aloe megalacantha Colon cleaner 87.3
Cissampelos mucronata Sudden illness locally called “dingetegna 85.5
Aloe harlana Swollen body part locally called gofla, snake bite, liver swelling, spleen swelling, colon cleaner, skin fungus, hair fungus, skin inflammation 78.2
Ocimum lamiifolium mich”, eye infection 76.4
Portulaca oleracea Constipation, cough 70.9
Tamarindus indica Colon cleaner 70.1
Withania somnifera Extended flow of menstruation/menometrorrhagia, gallstone, evil eye 69.1
Cadia purpurea Gastritis, heartburn/pyrosis 67.3
Azadirachta indica Intestinal parasite, malaria 56.4
Lawsonia inermis Infection after hemorrhage removal, infection after skin tumor removal, fever 49.1
Pouzolzia parasitica Diarrhoea, hemorrhage, hair fungus 47.3
Kleinia abyssinica Sexual dysfunction 41.8
Terminalia brownii Liver disease/jaundice 38.2
Caralluma speciosa Skin cyst & tumor locally known as keledo, gangrene, swollen body part, anti poison, wound, itching skin 34.5
Cucumis ficifolius Swollen body part locally called gofla 23.6
Gomphocarpus Purpurascens Itching skin, evil eye 32.7
Plumbago zeylanica Skin cyst & tumor locally called keledo 27.3
Coccinia sp. Kidney infections 21.8
  1. F = frequency of citation.