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Table 1 Twenty most frequently mentioned wild food plants in the freelisting questionnaire

From: Wild food plants used by the Tibetans of Gongba Valley (Zhouqu county, Gansu, China)

Species Part Frequency (N = 31)
Eleuterococcus giraldii & E. leucorrhisus Opening buds 30
Ferns in general (‘zhala’) Frond stalks 30
Helwingia japonica Young leaves 29
Aralia chinensis Opening buds 26
Pyrus xerophila Fruits 20
Prunus salicina Fruits 19
Berchemia sinica Fruits 17
Allium victorialis Leaves 16
Pteridium aquilinum Fronds 16
Rubus mesogaeus & R. thibetanus Fruits 16
Juglans cathayensis Kernel 14
Thlaspi arvense Young aerial parts 14
Eleagnus umbellata Fruits 13
Ixeris chinensis Young aerial parts, roots 12
Rubus amabilis Fruits 12
Schisandra sphenanthera Fruits 12
Fragaria pentaphylla Fruits 11
Auricularia sp. Whole mushroom 10
Chenopodium album Young aerial parts 10
Decaisnea fargesii Fruit pulp 8
Morchella spp. Whole mushroom 8
Vitis piasezkii Fruits 8