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Table 3 Wild mushrooms collected for food mentioned by at least two informants

From: Wild food plants used by the Tibetans of Gongba Valley (Zhouqu county, Gansu, China)

Species Local Chinese name Local Chinese name (pinyin) Local Tibetan name (pronunciation according to IPA)
Grifola umbellata (Pers.) Pilát 猪苓花 Zhu Ling Hua ulinmɔ , ulinghua , ulinghәmә
Morchella spp. (mainly M. angusticeps Peck) 羊肚菌 Yang Du Jun iangdu in , hәmәʂә, kuitɔ ün
Auricularia spp. (mainly A. auricula-judae (Bull.) Quél.) 野木耳 Ye Mu Er ainɔu
“a red capped mushroom” 红蘑菇 Hong Mo Gu hәmә, hәmәhә