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Table 1 Categorization and values assigned to the answers for each Cultural Significance Sub index in San Mateo Huexoyucan, Tlaxcala, Mexico

From: The cultural significance of wild mushrooms in San Mateo Huexoyucan, Tlaxcala, Mexico

Sub index* Answer Value
FUI Never 0
Not every year 2.5
Every year once 5
2-3 times a year 7.5
4 or more a year 10
MFFI Do not know 0
Always mixed with other mushrooms and meat 2.5
In a stew not as the principal element, mixed with mushrooms, without meat: with chili and mole 5
As the principal element of a stew: in quesadillas or mushroom soup 7.5
Cooked alone, not in stew: fried 10
KTI Newly discovered use, cooked alone 0
Three generations involved (he, sons and grandsons) 3.33
Four generations involved (parents, he/she, sons and grandsons) 6.67
Five generations involved (grandparents, parents, he/she, sons, grandsons) 10
HI The person does not eat because of confusion with poisonous species 0
Eaten but hurts the stomach 3.33
Eaten with confidence and considered healthy 6.67
Eaten because of the perceived health benefits (provides strength and is nutritious) 10
B 3.33
C 6.67
D 10
B 2.5
C 5
D 7.5
  E 10
  1. *FUI = Frequency of Use Index, MFFI = Multifunctional Food Index, KTI = Knowledge Transmission Index, HI = Health Index, TSFAI = Test Score Flavor Appreciation Index, PAI = Perceived Abundance Index.