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Table 1 Examples of Mexican plants under domestication and their documented trends in changes resulting from artificial selection

From: Brazilian and Mexican experiences in the study of incipient domestication

Species (Family) Common name Life form Plant part used Character Selection trend References
Agave spp. (Agavaceae) Sisal Perennial herb Fibers Plant size Larger Greater [71, 84]
     Leave’s length and width  
     Teeth Less abundant  
     Plant’s size and vigor Greater  
   Pulque Sap    
Annanas comosus L. merr. (Bromeliaceae) Pineapple c Aggregated fruit Seeds Seedless fruits [85]
     Taste, juiciness, color Increasing sweet-tasting  
Bactris gasipaes (Arecaeae) Pejibaye Palm Palm heart, Fruit size Increasing fruit size [11, 8587]
    Fruit Water content Less  
     Firmness Less  
     Pulp fibrousness Less  
     Spines Spineless or spines. Peach palms with spines used because their high-yielding and reasonably disease resistant  
Byrsonima crassifolia (L.) Kunth (Malpighiaceae) Nance Perennial tree Fruits Fruit size Larger fruits [42]
     Pulp flavor Sweeter  
     Seed weigh Lighter  
Jacaratia mexicana A. DC. (Caricaceae) Bonete Tree Fruit Size Larger [88, 89]
     Pulp flavor Sweeter  
     Pulp quantity Greater  
Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill (Cactaceae) Prickly pear Cacti Cladode (stem) Spines Less abundant [8992]
     Thickness Less  
     Mucilage Less abundant  
     Vessel fibrosity Less  
     Oxidation rate Less  
     Size Smaller  
     Glochids Absent  
     Fruit Smaller, less sweet  
    (tuna) Cladode size   
     Fruiting period Larger Earlier in the year Younge  
     Reproductive age Glochids Abundant  
     Seeds Abundant  
    Fruit (xoconostle)    
     Fruit size Larger  
     Peel/pulp rate Higher  
Pachyrhizus erosus L. (Fabaceae) Yam bean Herbaceous vine Tuberous root Peel thickness Reduce peel thickness [93]
     Peel color Favoring dark and white peel  
     Tuberous root size Increasing tuber size  
Persea americana L. (Lauraceae) Avocado Tree Fruit Size Larger Thicker (var. Hass) [85, 94]
Sechium edule Sw. (Cucurbitaceae) Chayote Vine Fruit Pulp flavor Less sour [95]
     Fibrosity Less  
     Germination In the tree (viviparism)  
Spondias purpurea L. (Anacardiaceae) Jocote Tree Fruit Size Larger Other than red [96]
     Color Less  
     Sourness More abundant  
Vanilla planifolia Jack ex Andr. (Orchidaceae) Vanilla Vine, perennial climbing herb Pods Productivity Higher flowering thus a major production of pods [97]