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Table 2 Differences in species diversity and salience between villages (as determined by free listing data)

From: Wild leafy vegetable use and knowledge across multiple sites in Morocco: a case study for transmission of local knowledge?

Region Taounate Taounate Taounate Azilal El Haouz
Village Sidi Sinoun Izara Chachia Habliss Tassa Ouirgen
Number of HH listed 22 23 19 27 apx.80
Number of FFQ conducted 22 21 18 18 0
Number of Free lists obtained 13 8 14 10 6
Average length of free list 6.5 5.6 4.6 4.1 5.3
Min and max length of free lists 4-12 2-8 2-8 3-6 4-8
Top 5 WLVs HOUMIDA (Rumex sp.) KARN KEBICHA (Erodium sp.) HOUMIDA (Rumex sp.) TIBI (Malva spp.) WA’MSA (Foeniculum sp. or Ferula communis)
BAKOLA HOURA (Malva spp.) HOUMIDA (Rumex sp.) RJEL FELOUS (Chenopodium sp, or Glebionis coronaria) IBITZ (Rumex spp.) GERNOUNCH (Nasturtium officinale)
KARN KEBICHA (Erodium sp.) BAKOLA HOURA (Malva spp.) MESK AAZARA (Erodium sp.) TIFILISHOUT (cf. Rumex sp.) TIBI (Malva spp.)
BOUHAMOU (Diplotaxis/Sinapis) KHOBIZA (Malva spp.) BAKOLA HOURA (Malva spp.) TAGHDIOUT (Scolymus hispanicus or Carduus sp.) TAGERLOUCHT (Portulaca oleracea)
KHOBIZA (Malva spp.) GERNINA (Scolymus hispanicus) SELK (Beta macrocarpa or Emex spinosa) *only 4 sp. listed by more than one person TIFLICHOUT (cf Rumex sp.)