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Table 2 Themes Subthemes that emerged via the coding process were clustered into major themes

From: The current status of knowledge of herbal medicine and medicinal plants in Fiche, Ethiopia

Theme Subtheme
How knowledge is acquired from previous generation People learnt from parents or other elders in the oral tradition
People learnt from the treatment of their own illnesses as children
Awareness of loss of herbs Now some herbs are difficult to access
Some herbs are disappearing
There is degradation of land
Need to make effort to grow the herbs in household gardens
Conservation of herbs Herbs need to be taken care of in the wild
Wildcrafting is endangering some species
Passing on knowledge Children may not be interested in learning about the herbs
It is important to share the knowledge to save the herbs
Safety and dosage Some herbs are toxic
Some herbs are dangerous if combined
Some herbs are dangerous if the dosage is too high
Dosages adjusted for children
Gender Women in general know more about application than men
It is mostly women who sell the herbs in the marketplace
Women have less time
Herb usage Herbs are used in the home to treat family members for a range of illnesses or conditions
Herbs are important
Herbs are easily identified
Herbs are sold in the market place