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Table 6 Market Survey Herbs identified and information collected from vendors of medicinal plants

From: The current status of knowledge of herbal medicine and medicinal plants in Fiche, Ethiopia

Botanical name Amharic name Use Comment
Artemisia absinthium Ariti Stomach ache Observed in a fragrant bouquet with Tej sar (Cymbopogon citratus) and Ajuban (Ocimum basilicum var. thyrsiflorum)
Echinops kebericho Kebericho Used as incense in the home for children who have nightmares Smoke may be inhaled by covering head with blanket over the smoking root
Prevents nocturia
Repels snakes from house
Glinus lotoides Meterre Taenicidal Cleaned, ground with Nug (Guizotia abyssinica). Taken with a little sugar and eaten before food. Necessary to fast until noon prior to administering
1 birr for a small cup
Guizotia abyssinica Nug Ground seed used as binder Seed is ground to a paste and mixed with herbs for administering
Lepidum sativum Feto Abdominal pain Chopped, infused and drunk
Lippia adoensis var. koseret Koseret Culinary – used in making niter kibbe (a type of ghee)  
Nigella sativa Tikurazmud Culinary  
Ocimum basilicum var. thyrsiflorum Ajuban Fragrant bouquet  
Culinary flavouring/spice
Olea europea Weyra Sterilising treatment for milk equipment Oil collected from root
Otostegia fruticosa Tenjut For stomach pain The leaves are burnt and smoke inhaled
The branch is used for cleaning teeth
Rhamnus prioides Gesho To make Tella (fermented drink)  
Rosmarinus officinalis Asmarino, Yetibs ketel Culinary flavouring, hair rinse  
Ruta chalepensis Tenadam Megagna (stomach pain) Used in coffee
Thymus schimperi Tosign Hypertension  
Trigonella foenum-graecum Abish Digestive and culinary, skin disorders