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Table 7 Fidelity level values of medicinal plants cited by 12 or moe infomants for being used against a given major ailment category

From: Medicinal plants used in traditional medicine by Oromo people, Ghimbi District, Southwest Ethiopia

Medicinal plant Major ailments category Ip Iu FL FL%
Lepidium sativum Infectious (malaria, Influenza) 12 12 1 100
Euphorbia abbyssinica Sexual diseases (Gonorrhea, Syphills) 14 15 .93 93
Croton macrostachyus Abdominal (Ameboic dysenty, Ascaisis, Tape worm) 13 16 .81. 81
Plumbago zeylanica Metabolic (Breast cancer, blood pressure) 12 12 .1 100