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Table 10 Planting arrangements of enset landraces in homegardens of Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia

From: Indigenous knowledge, use and on-farm management of enset (Ensete ventricosum (Welw.) Cheesman) diversity in Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia

Landrace uses/characteristics Representative landraces Planting site in the homegarden Justification for selection of planting site
Ornamental/Colorful landraces Agino, Kambata, Maziya Along side-lines of farms For ornamentation of homegardens
Vigorously growing landraces Ala-genna, Godariya, Halla, Mochiya, Wanadiyia Homegarden fringes As symbol of status
Landraces used for water fetching from pseudostems Lalukiya Along homegarden paths For ease of water fetching from the pseudostem
Medicinally important landraces* Argama, Gefetanuwa, Lochingia Unsightly corners inside the plantation For preserving healing powers of landraces
  1. *Maintaining medicinal landraces in unsightly corners of enset homegardens is less frequently practiced in Wolaita area at the present.