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Table 4 Farmers' descriptors of enset landraces in Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia

From: Indigenous knowledge, use and on-farm management of enset (Ensete ventricosum (Welw.) Cheesman) diversity in Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia

Identification and characterization criteria Criterion category Examples of representative landraces *Respondents (%)
Plant morphology
Pseudostem color Green Achaka, Adinona, Ala-genna, Banga, Lalukiya 82
Red Kambata, Maziya, Wanadiyia
Dark-purple Gefetanuwa, Lochingia, Zinkiya
White Agino, Bota-arkiya
Leaf color Green leaves Achaka, Adinona, Badadia, Arkiya, Lembuwa 84
Purple leaves Lochingia
Leaf shape and pattern Narrow erect Gefetanuwa, Genessa 66
Wide and dropping Lembuwa
Midrib dorsal color Red/yellow Badadia, Falakiya, Godariya, Eslammia, Maziya 79
Purple Gefetanuwa, Lochingia
Green Ala-genna, Kataniya, Mochiya, Suitia
Petiole blotch and patch color Black Ala-genna, Halla, Kabaria, Mochiya, Nakaka 77
Brown Achaka, Tuzuma
aSap color Red Suitia 57
aCorm color Dark blue strips Kabaria, Nakaka, Peluwa 40
Plant cycle
Maturity Early Gefetanuwa 66
Late Adinona, Anko-genna  
Plant vigor
Plant size/height Vigorous Ala-genna, Anko-genna, Godariya, Maziya 83
Tiny Gefetanuwa, Lochingia, Silqantiya
b Plant reaction to biotic factor
Disease and pest Resistant Argama, Halla, Wanadiyia 62
Susceptible Chichia, Kabaria, Nakaka, Suitia  
Plant reaction to abiotic factor
Drought Resistant Badadia, Gonwassa 67
  Susceptible Kataniya, Nakaka  
  1. *Quotes are percentages of farmers using identification criteria for distinguishing enset landraces (depending on landrace cultivated in households homegarden).
  2. aSap and corm color are used as identification criteria when farmers are in doubt, hence for conformation.
  3. bDisease reaction is specifically considered for bacterial wilt disease (Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum) which is common in the area.