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Table 8 Traditional folklores associated to enset agriculture in Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia

From: Indigenous knowledge, use and on-farm management of enset (Ensete ventricosum (Welw.) Cheesman) diversity in Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia

Sayings in Wolaita language English translations Attributes appreciated and/or implied meanings
Uuttane mata dabuwa ixxi eretena metuan gakiyaga You don't disagree relatives and enset, who accompany you in bad times Appreciation of the social value enset has in the community
Oliyosi bayina uutta, uttiyosi bayina shafa No waste from enset, no rest for a river Appreciation of multipurpose value of all enset plant parts
Aawai uutta tokidi gatiyosa na'yi banga zeridi gattena A land patch a father covers by planting enset cannot be covered by his son by broadcasting barley Indicating old and new generation differences in cultivation and management of enset (the old are knowledgeable)
O na'i hage giyoi mayuwana, O ketay hage giyoi uttana Well dressed kids give prestige to their parents, well managed enset homegardens (Alla) give prestige to household and hamlet Indication of enset as symbol of status and prestige crop in the community
Ika uutte ika guutte?! The enset, the tidbit?! (questioning small meal size of enset food served for the hungry who is expecting big meal) An idiom that implies the notion that enset is a cheap poor-man's food and enough of it should be served generously