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Table 1 Behavioural repertoire of sharks according to the understanding of informers

From: “Shark is the man!”: ethnoknowledge of Brazil’s South Bahia fishermen regarding shark behaviors

Ethological phenomenon Ethological folk category Sharks involved
Feeding behaviour Sharks that are predators All
  Sharks that eat anything All
  Sharks that sniff food All
  Sharks that steal fish All
  Sharks that cut Except Rhincodon typus (Smith, 1828)
  Sharks that open their mouths and the fish goes in Rhincodon typus
  Sharks that attack from the shadows Isurus oxyrinchus
  Sharks that eat people Galeocerdo cuvier
  Sharks that eat any rubbish Galeocerdo cuvier
Reproductive behaviour Sharks that give birth to many offspring All
  Sharks that reproduce when they are still small All
  Sharks that reproduce nonstop Some (indefinite)
  Sharks that come to the shore to reproduce Some (indefinite)
Social behaviour Sharks that school Pups in general
  Sharks that live alone Rhincodon typus
Migratory behaviour Sharks that travel All
  Sharks that come near in the summer Most
Sedentary behavior Sharks that live at certain spots Ginglymostoma cirratum (Bonnaterre, 1788).
Investigative behaviour Sharks that approach boats Rhincodon typus