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Table 2 Threats to shark populations and possibilities for conservation suggested by the fishermen interviewed

From: “Shark is the man!”: ethnoknowledge of Brazil’s South Bahia fishermen regarding shark behaviors

Ethical view

Emic view (relative frequency) n = 65



“Fishing that only takes shark fins (63,4%)

“Best monitor”; “Give high fine”

Immature Capture [101]

Fish small sharks (61,9%)

“drop the baby sharks”, put closure, “increase the mesh of the nets”

Bycatch Capture [102]

“Fishing with trawlnet”, “fishnet excess”, “stuck with longline hook in steel” (46,8%)

“forbid trawling”, “control gillnets use”, “forbid longline hooks stuck with Spiral wire Rope use”

Females Capture [70]

“female fishing”; “fish a female carrying a baby shark in the belly” (15,1%)

“Drop females”; “make closure”