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Table 7 Attitude about elimination of mosquitoes (N = 202)

From: Anti-mosquito plants as an alternative or incremental method for malaria vector control among rural communities of Bagamoyo District, Tanzania

Variable #No of response %
Attitude towards eliminating mosquitoes from our homestead   
No, because mosquitoes are created by God 17 8.4
Mosquitoes come with rain no one can control them 35 17.3
No, mosquitoes are only seen after sun set 14 6.9
Yes, by eliminating stagnant water 81 40.1
Yes, by closing widows and doors 22 10.9
Yes, by using indoor insecticide residual spray 65 32.2
Yes, by spraying insecticide in stagnant water 91 45.0
Yes, by using ITN 77 38.1
Participation in mosquito control   
Destroying or avoid creating stagnant water bodies 118 58.4
It is the responsibility of the government 9 4.5
Wait for the directives from the district malaria control focal person 8 4.0
Community based programs of cleaning bushes 72 35.6
Community based programs of applying safe insecticides in stagnant waters 69 34.2
Reliance of plants as source of insecticides   
We use them often 35 17.3
It is an old practice 46 22.8
We have many plants around us 54 26.7
Not harmful like insecticides bought in the shop 40 19.8
Plants are affordable, unlike insecticides 59 29.2
  1. # Multiple responses were included.