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Table 2 Commercialized medicinal plant species

From: Comparative homegarden medical ethnobotany of Naxi healers and farmers in Northwestern Yunnan, China

Species name Market price RMB /Kg Plant part traded Dry or fresh plant traded Degree of commercialization
Aucklandia lappa Dencne 16 Root Dried Medium
Gastrodia elata Bl. 400 Root Dried Medium
Gentiana robusta King ex Hook. F 16 Root Dried High
Platycodon grandiflorum (Jacq.) A.DC. 30 Root Dried High
Ligusticum sinense cv. Chuanhsiung Shan ex k. C. Fu 18 Root Dried High
Rheum palmatum L 8 Root Dried Low
Notopterygium franchetii Boiss 24 Root Dried Low
Dipsacus mitis D. Don 7 Root Dried Medium
Atractylodis macrocephalae Koidz. 16 Root Dried Medium
Paris polyphylla Smith var yunnanensis (Fr.) Hand.-Mazz. 200 Root Dried High
Cynanchum otophyllum Schneid. 400 Root Dried Medium
Aconitum carmichaeli Debx. 8 Root Fresh Low
Bletilla sinensis (Rolf) Schltr. 28 Root Dried Low
Ligusticum chuanxiong S.H.Qiu 14 Root Dried Medium
  1. Over half the study site households were found to maintain fourteen commercialized species.