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Table 1 Average number of individuals of adult plants (extractable for preparing mescal) per vegetation type within the territory of SLA

From: Distribution, abundance and traditional management of Agave potatorumin the Tehuacán Valley, Mexico: bases for sustainable use of non-timber forest products

Vegetation type Availability individuals/hectare
Scrubland of Euphorbia antisyphilitica 53
Cacti forest of Mitrocereus fulviceps 20
Rosetofilous scrubland of Dasylirion serratifolium 18
Cacti forest of Polaschia chichipe 15
Rosetofilous scrub (Chaparral) 8
Izotal of Beaucarnea purpusii 5
Gochnatia hypoleuca- Dasylirion scrub 5
Forest relict of Quercus sp. 0