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Table 1 Use of pangolin body parts and the prescribed conditions treated, Use Report (UR) and International Classification of Diseases (ICD) categories

From: Ethnomedicinal use of African pangolins by traditional medical practitioners in Sierra Leone

Parts Conditions treated Use report ICD categories
Scales Skin disease, impotence, infertility, broken ribs, stomach diseases, inflammation of the navel, bulletproof, cutlassproof, athlete's foot, claw hand, nail disorders, healing premature babies, heel fissure, arthritis, rheumatism, epilepsy, ear infection, body pain, elephantiasis, waist pain, healing wound, skin rash, protection from witchcraft, broken bones, spiritual protection and skin scars 70 12
Oil Skin rash, skin stretch marks, heel fissure, skin diseases, knee pain, skin scars, heart diseases, claw hand, elephantiasis and body ache 27 5
Meat Healing premature babies, stomach diseases, rheumatism, epilepsy, high blood pressure, for increasing intelligence, body pain, common childhood diseases, convulsion and anaemia 23 9
Head Infertility, headache, antidote for poison, skin diseases, mental illness, toothache, heart disease, paralysis, hernia and claw hand 21 10
Tail Impotence, spiritual protection, Apollo (acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis), paralysis, claw hand, convulsion, fainting, stomach diseases, protection against snake bite, curse sting from scorpion, waist pain, elephantiasis and heel fissure 20 10
Foot Heel fissure, back pain, elephantiasis, athlete's foot and broken bones 7 4
Tongue Rheumatism, stop/control bleeding, mental illness, piles and fainting 7 4
Bones Skin scars, healing wounds, stiffness of joints, rheumatism and joint pains 7 3
Blood Healing wounds, elephantiasis, rheumatism, stomach diseases, heart diseases and protection against witchcraft 7 6
Male sex organ Hernia, headache, elephantiasis, athlete's foot, infertility and impotence 6 5
Intestines Stomach diseases, headache and for good luck 5 3
Claws Protection from witchcraft, skin stretch marks, asthma and heart burn 4 4
Brain Heart diseases, mental illness and stomach diseases 4 3
Heart Stomach diseases and heart diseases 3 2
Whole animal Leprosy and invisibility 2 2
Toes Apollo and epilepsy 2 2
Thorax Chest pain and broken ribs 2 2
Forefoot Impotence and elephantiasis 2 2
Eyes Apollo 2 1
Throat Goitre 1 1
Sex organ (both male and female) Infertility 1 1
Liver Asthma 1 1