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Table 2 Median spending per household as declared in January 2007 and estimated annual expenses with the purchase of turtles by species in urban Tapauá

From: Chain of commercialization of Podocnemis spp. turtles (Testudines: Podocnemididae) in the Purus River, Amazon basin, Brazil: current status and perspectives

Species Average spending by household (US$) Annual estimated spending (US$)
P. sextuberculata 13.05 (7.99–23.19) 24,307.62 (14,888.26–43,176.16)
P. unifilis 28.72 (16.65–45.96) 37,651.18 (21,822.52–60,241.89)
P. expansa 80.10 (36.97–147.41) 112,625.33 (51,980.72–207,238.82)
  1. Values brackets represent 25% and 75% percentiles.