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Table 1 Characteristics of Brahea dulcis populations studied in the RBBM (Metztitlán and *Atotonilco El Grande municipalities)

From: Ethnoecology of the palm Brahea dulcis (Kunth) Mart. in central Mexico

Population Localization Elevation (m) Harvest intensity Human group
La Rivera 20° 28.241´N by 98° 43.105´W 1964 Medium Mestizo
Tlaxco 20° 42.782´N by 98° 48.386´W 1902 null Mestizo
La Yerbabuena 20° 32.921´N by 98° 56.248´W 1848 High Hñä hñü
Zotola 20° 33.311´N by 98° 49.239´W 1907 Low Hñä hñü
San José Zoquital or Atotonilco* 20° 20.914 N by 98° 43.154´W 2065 Low Mestizo