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Table 5 Invertebrates parts used and reasons

From: Wildlife use and the role of taboos in the conservation of wildlife around the Nkwende Hills Forest Reserve; South-west Cameroon

Animal Part used Use and use method Reason(s)
Snails Achatina sp.; Shell1,2,3 - Formerly used a drinking cup Drinking cups did not exist before
- Musical instrument Produces a particular unique sound
- Decoration Traditional inherited practice
- Treats waist problems: grind and mix with leaves of Ageratum cornisoides and apply on cuts made on the body with a razor blade Medicinal
- Key holders Inherited traditional practice
Sticky/slippery liquid from the body - Eases birth (reduces labour pains): mix with water and purge by pregnant women Believed to make the foetus slide out easily
Crabs Emerita sp.;/Blepharipoda sp.; Carapace1 - Treats eczema: burn and mix the ash with Tsinabup leaves and apply on the skin Medicinal
Chest1 - Prevents children from watering the bed at night: consume by children Medicinal
  1. Note: 1Animals with food, medicinal and sales values.
  2. 2Ethnomusical animals and parts used as trophy.
  3. 3Animals used in decoration and jewelry making.
  4. 4Magico-religious and multipurpose animals.