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Table 1 Galactagogues in the Andes

From: Traditional use of the Andean flicker (Colaptes rupicola) as a galactagogue in the Peruvian Andes

Preparation Ingredients Location
Amulet Stone or ceramic representation of cheese Abancay [55]
Beer (Commercial) Beer (dark or malted) Callao, Lambayeque, Libertad, Lima [4]
Beer (Chica) Corn Cusco, Huánuco, Junín, Arequipa [4]
Beer (Chica) Corn with mouse excrement Huancayo, Junín [4]
Beer (Chica) Barley South and Central Peru [4]
Beer (Chica) Peanuts South and Central Peru [4]
Beer (Chica) Quinoa South and Central Peru [4]
Beverage Donkey's milk Huáncayo [4]
Beverage Honey Cusco [4]
Beverage Water used to boil corn Arequipa, Lima [4]
Cooked Arrakacha greens (Arracacia esculenta BC.) Huánuco [4]
Cooked Fennel Huánuco [4, 5]
Cooked Manka p'aki (Eupatorium peregrinum or Eupatorium sternberginianum, a plant) Arequipa [4]
Cooked Quinoa with milk Yanatile (Cusco) [8]
Cooked Quinoa with mouse excrement Junín [4]
Cooked Rice, chocolate and chufla Northern Peru [4]
Cooked Zarandaja (Val bean; Dolichos lablab) Northern Peru [4]
Massage Quinoa (cooked) Cusco [4]
Plaster Sweet potato eyes and wine  
Roasted Guinea pig excrement and incense Cusco [4]
Soup Askantuy larvae (toasted) Cusco [4, 5]
Soup Earthworms (toasted) Southern Peru [4]
Soup Beef lung Cusco, Huanuco [4, 7, 8]
Soup Cow or pig entrails Callao, Lima, Ica, Libertad [4]
Soup guinea pig Southern Ecuador [38]
Soup Ch'uñu (freeze-dried potatoes) Puno [51]
Soup khaya (freeze-dried oca) Cuyo Cuyo [56]
Soup Hak'achu (Andean Flicker) Cusco, Puno [4, 7, 8]
Soup oca (Oxalis tuberosa) Cuyo Cuyo [56]
Soup Pijuayo (a palm) Loreto [4]
Soup Quinoa Cusco, Huánuco, Puno [4, 8, 51]
Soup Quinoa with beef lung Cusco [8]
Soup Quinoa with fennel Arequipa [4]
Soup Rice Puno [51]
Soup Shrimp Arequipa [4]
Soup Soybean Quebrada (Cusco) [8]
Soup Vegetables Cusco [8]
Tea Anise Cusco, Cajamarca [4, 5, 8]
Tea Cotton seed (toasted, ground) Quebrada (Cusco) [8]
Tea Fennel seed and roots with honey, celery, and valerian Cajamarca [8]
Tea Manaqaraku (Ortalis guttata Spix., a jungle bird) Quebrada (Cusco) [8]
Tea Milk and toasted sesame Lima [4]
Tea Sesame seed Jauja, Junín [4]
Tea Sweet potato leaf or tuber Lima, Quebrada (Cusco) [4, 8]
Tea Wheat (toasted) Lima [4]
Toasted Peanuts Ica [4]