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Table 2 Market location and categorization

From: Process and dynamics of traditional selling wild edible mushrooms in tropical Mexico

State Settlement Category Kind of market N° of interviewees
O Tuxtepec P E 4
O Tuxtepec P E 10
O Tuxtepec S M 13
O Ojitlán S Dlm 5
O Chiltepec S Is 2
O Valle nacional S Dlm 8
O Loma Bonita S E 8
O Loma Bonita S M 11
V Santiago Tuxtla S E 20
V Santiago Tuxtla S M 21
V San Andrés Tuxtla P E 11
V San Andrés Tuxtla S M 23
V Catemaco S E 4
V Catemaco S M 8
T Villahermosa P E 23
T Villahermosa P E 13
T Villahermosa S M 31
T Teapa S E 3
T Teapa S M 23
T Macuspana S E 3
T Macuspana S E 8
T Macuspana S M 12
T Macuspana S M 16
T Huimanguillo S E 7
T Huimanguillo S M 4
  1. In State, O: Oaxaca; V: Veracruz; T: Tabasco. In Category, P: Principal; S: Secondary. In Kind of market, E: Established market; M: Mobile market; Dlm: Day local market; Is: Isolated stands.