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Table 3 Non-structured interview thematic guide and semi-structured interview basic format

From: Process and dynamics of traditional selling wild edible mushrooms in tropical Mexico

Thematic guide Semi-structured interview basic format*
General information:
-Market kind
-Market rhythm
-Stand organization
-Type of product sold
-Sellers origin: geographic and ethnic
-Products geographical origin
-Other sellers activities
Ethnomycological information:
-Mushrooms species sold
-Mushrooms species used but not sold
-Gender patterns
-Ethnicity of mushrooms sellers
-Mushroomers presence
-Stand dynamics
-What mushrooms do you sell?
-Why do you sell these kinds of mushrooms?
-Do you sell other kind of products?
-Does anybody sell only mushrooms?
-Why you sell mushrooms?
-Are you acquainted with someone who knows much about mushrooms?
-How many people sell mushrooms here?
-Who sells mushrooms, women or men?
-Where are mushrooms sellers from?
-Do you gather mushrooms?
-Do you gather mushrooms alone?
-What time do you invest gathering mushrooms?
-Do you gather mushrooms every day?
-Where do you gather mushrooms?
-Do you gather anything else?
-Who buys you the mushrooms?
-Why don't all mushrooms sellers gather them?
  1. *Questions were not asked literally, but rather were adapted according to the context and circumstances of interviews.