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Table 4 Sell, use and species characteristics

From: Process and dynamics of traditional selling wild edible mushrooms in tropical Mexico

Species Sell Cws Use Consistence Habit
Schizophyllum commune Tu, Oj, Va, Chi, Te, Ma   E Corky Saprobious
Favolus tenuiculus Tu, Oj   E Rubbery Saprobious
Pleurotus djamor   Cat, Te E Rubbery Saprobious
Auricularia polytricha   Te E, L Gristly Saprobious
Auricularia delicata   Te E, L Gristly Saprobious
  1. In Sell, Tu: Tuxtepec, Oj: Ojitlán, Va: Valle nacional, Chi: Chiltepec, Te: Teapa, Ma: Macuspana. Csw: Consumption without sell; Cat: Catemaco, Te: Teapa. In Use, E: edible L: ludic.