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Table 1 Lists of ailments treated by local traditional healers in Manang district, Central Nepal, grouped by body system.

From: Ethnomedicinal plants used by the people of Manang district, central Nepal

Body System (Categories) Ailments treated by the local traditional healers
Skin warts, wound problems (infections), wounds on skin, abrasions, skin swelling, boils, scabies, cuts and wounds, burns, ringworm, and blisters
Cardiovascular heart disease, heart pain
Respiratory shortness of breath, sore throat, chest pain, asthma, bronchitis, reduce sound production (wheezes or stridor) during breathing, tuberculosis
Neurological numbness of limbs, paralysis, pulse pain, and 'vein pain'
Reproductive infertility, wounds in vagina 'Bhringhee', quicken labour and delivery, stop bleeding during child birth and to increase sexual power
Gastointestinal diarrhoea, dysentery, vomiting, stomachache, gastritis, worms (white intestinal worms), anthelmintic, bile disorders, constipation and stomach ache
Orthopaedic Heal broken bones, bone fracture, back pain, fracture of hand and leg, bone pain, bone diseases, joint pain
Blood Increases the blood, purification of blood, menstrual disorders (heavy flow), menstrual problems, high blood pressure and blood circulation
Renal/Urological Kidney diseases, urinary tract infection, diuretic, dysuria.
Muscular Increase body size, for body massage, 'waist pain', inflammation of body, rheumatism, neck pain, and limbs pain
ENT conjunctivitis, pain in nose (internal or external), eye pain, stop bleeding from nose, eye diseases, blindness, defects in visions, ear pain, sinusitis, gingivitis, relief tooth pain, cough and cold, and tonsillitis,
Paediatric massage the head of children
Other/ Whole body/ Systemic fever (any kind of fever i.e., typhoid fever, malaria), jaundice, headache, high altitude sickness, vertigo/ dizziness, stop sweating, diabetes, cancer, snake bite and scorpion sting, vitamin, nutritious, tonic (to treat weakness), infectious diseases, rib pain (Kokho dukhnu), tuberculosis, edema (swelling of the body), body pain, and pain from swelling