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Table 3 Validation of plants used for "cooling", high cholesterol and urinary problems in Trinidad and Tobago

From: Ethnomedicines used in Trinidad and Tobago for urinary problems and diabetes mellitus

Scientific name Common name Use Validation score
Apium graveolens Celery Kidney tonic 3 for pain
Bauhinia cumanensis /excisa Monkey step Gall stones 3 for pain
Begonia humilis Lozeille Cooling 2
Bontia daphnoides Olive bush Cooling 2
Capraria biflora Du thé pays Gall stones, cooling 3 for pain
Cassia alata Senna Cooling with cloves and ginger 2
Chamaesyce hirta Malomay, Mal nommée Kidney problems 3 diuretic; 3 sedative
Cissus verticillata Blister bush Cooling 3 diarrhoea; 3 gastric ulcers
Cocos nucifera Coconut Bladder stones 2
Coleus aromaticus Spanish thyme Cooling 2
Commelina elegans Water grass Cooling 2
Costus scaber Wild cane Cleans bladder data needed
Cuscuta americana Love vine Cooling 2
Cynodon dactylon Dube Stoppage of water 2
Cyperus rotundus Nut grass Cooling 3
Desmodium canum Sweet heart bush Cooling 3
Eleusine indica Dead man's grass Urinary 2
Entada polystachya Mayoc chapelle Cooling 2 data needed
Flemingia strobilifera Kidney bush Kidney problems 2 data needed
Gomphrena globosa Bachelor button Urinary problems 2 data needed
Hibiscus sabdariffa Sorrel Cleans liver and blood 3 hypertension; 3 liver problems
Justicia pectoralis Carpenter grass Cooling Data needed
Kalachoe pinnata Wonder of the world Cooling, Bladder stones 3 jaundice
Lepianthes peltata Lani bois Tea Data needed
Mimosa pudica Ti marie, mese marie Cooling, Kidney problems 2
Momordica charantia Caraaili Cooling Data needed
Musa species Banana Boil for cooling 2
Nopalea cochinellifera Rachette Kidney stones 2 data needed
Peperomia rotundifolia Giron fleur, mowon Kidney problems 3
Peperomia pellucida Shining bush Cooling 3
Petiveria alliacea Mapourite, kudjuruk Kidney problems Data needed
Pilea microphylla Du thé bethelmay Bladder cleanser 2
Pityrogramma calomelanos Fern Urinary problems Data needed
Portulaca oleraceae Pussley Cholesterol, short breath 3 pain; 3 gastroprotective
Ruellia tuberosa Minny root Cooling Data needed
Sansevieria guineensis Langue bouef, lash Cooling Data needed
Scoparia dulcis Sweet broom Cooling for babies 3 pain; 3 diuretic
Solanum americanum Agouma, gouma Cooling, provides iron 2 data needed
Solanum melongena Melongene Cholesterol Not proven
Stachytarpheta jamaicensis Vervine Cooling Data needed
Theobroma cacao Cocoa Eat for urinary problems Data needed
Vetiveria zizanioides Vetivert Urinary problems Data needed
Zea mays Corn silk Diuretic 3 diuretic