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Table 1 Ashéninka and Shipibo general ethnobotanical knowledge

From: Substances, relationships and the omnipresence of the body: an overview of Ashéninka ethnomedicine (Western Amazonia)

Ethnic group reference samples reported name and/or use(s) reported specific use(s) medicinal use(s)1
Ashéninka 601 98.7 % 97.0 % 78.0 %
Shipibo 258 87.6 % 86.1 % 71.5 %
  1. (source: TSEMIM database)
  2. 1 In the indigenous sense, that is to say including also a wide set of uses and effects that the Western approaches usually deem to be "magic" or "irrational", but that indigenous people do not really distinguish from the rest of medicine: shamanic hallucinogens, hunting magic, protection against harmful spirits, enhancing of children skills, seduction medicines, and so forth – see Table 3.