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Table 1 Most frequently mentioned plant species in management of malaria by district in Central Kenya.

From: Diversity and utilization of antimalarial ethnophytotherapeutic remedies among the Kikuyus (Central Kenya)

Kiambu District Frequency Maragwa District Frequency Murang'a District Frequency Nyeri District Frequency Thika District Frequency
Caesalpinia volkensii 7 Caesalpinia volkensii 12 Caesalpinia volkensii 4 Olea europeaea 6 Ajuga remota 5
Rhoicissus tridentata 5 Fagaropsis angolensis 7 Strychnos henningsii 4 Ajuga remota 5 Caesalpinia volkensii 5
Aloe kedongensis 4 Strychnos henningsii 6 Aloe lateritia 4 Strychnos henningsii 5 Strychnos henningsii 3
Ajuga remota 3 Pentas longiflora 5 Ajuga remota 4 Rhamnus prinoides 3 Trimeria grandifolia 2
Senna didymobotrya 3 Warburgia ugandensis 5 Zanthoxylum chalybeum 2 Azardirachta indica 3 Warburgia ugandensis 2