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Table 1 Ethnomedicinal plants used for reproductive problems in Trinidad and Tobago

From: Ethnomedicines used in Trinidad and Tobago for reproductive problems

Scientific name Family Common name Part used Use
Abelmoschus moschatus Malvaceae Gumbo musque Leaves, seeds Female complaints, remove placenta
Achyranthes indica Amaranthaceae Man better man   Female complaints
Ageratum conyzoides Asteraceae Z'herbe á femme   Prostate, Female complaints
Ambrosia cumanenesis Asteraceae Altamis 3-inch Inflammation, abortion, Menstrual pain
Aristolochia rugosa, Aristolochia trilobata Aristolochiaceae Mat root, anico Root Remove placenta, abortion, menstrual pain
Artemisia absinthium Asteraceae Wormwood   Female complaints
Brownea latifolia Fabaceae Cooper hoop Flower, leaves Female complaints
Capraria biflora Scrophulariaceae Du thé pays Leaves Menstrual pain
Catharanthus roseus Apocynaceae White Periwinkle   "Man's disease"
Chamaesyce hirta Euphorbiaceae Malomay   Infertility
Clusea rosea Clusiaceae Matapal Bark Bark belt for "man's waist pain"
Cocos nucifera Arecaceae Coconut Shell Abortion
Cola nitida Sterculiaceae Obie seed Seed Infertility
Coleus aromaticus Lamiaceae Spanish thyme Leaves Shorten labour
Commelina elegans Commelinaceae Water grass Plant Douche
Cordia curassavica Boraginaceae Black sage Leaves Menstrual pain
Croton gossypifolius Euphorbiaceae Bois sang Leaves Menstrual pain
Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbita maxima Cucurbitaceae Pumpkin   Prostate problems
Desmodium canum Fabaceae Sweet heart bush Root Venereal diseases
Eleutherine bulbosa Iridaceae Dragon blood Bulb Female complaints
Entada polystachya Fabaceae Mayoc chapelle Twigs Menstrual pain
Eryngium foetidum Apiaceae Chadron bénée Leaves Menstrual pain, remove placenta, shorten labour
Eupatorium macrophyllum Asteraceae Z'herbe chatte   Female complaints
Gomphrena globosa Amaranthaceae Bachelor button   Prostate problems
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Malvaceae Hibiscus Flowers Female complaints
Justicia pectoralis Acanthaceae Carpenter grass Leaves Prostate problems
Justicia secunda Acanthaceae St. John's bush   Female complaints
Laportea aestuans Urticaceae Red stinging nettle Leaves Shorten labour
Leonotis nepetaefolia Lamiaceae Shandileer   Menstrual pain
Mimosa pudica Fabaceae Mese marie   Childbirth
Nopalea cochinellifera Cactaceae Rachette Joint Menopause, hot flashes
Parinari campestris Chrysobalanaceae Bois bandé Bark Erectile dysfunction
Parthenium hysterophorus Asteraceae White head broom   Female complaints
Pilea microphylla Urticaceae Du thé bethelmay Leaves Inflammation, womb cleanser
Richeria grandis Euphorbiaceae Bois bandé Bark Erectile dysfunction
Ruta graveolens Rutaceae Ruda Leaves Childbirth, carminative, menstrual pain, cold in womb
Scoparia dulcis Scrophulariaceae Sweet broom Leaves Prostate
Urena sinuata Malvaceae Patte chien   "Man's waist pain"
Vetiveria zizanioides Poaceae Vetivert Plant Shorten labour
Wedelia trilobata Asteraceae Venven caribe Leaves Female complaints