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Table 2 Resources mentioned in illness cases studied

From: Pathways as "signatures in landscape": towards an ethnography of mobility among the Mbya-Guaraní(Northeastern Argentina)

Episode/case Involved People Processing Space of obtaining/resources
Number. Ill person Relative Expert Others In the UD. Out of the UD. colonia monte capuera
1   X    X     ka'are
   X    X     Marcela
   X X   X     Marcela
   X X   X     Raiz de perejil(near an UD from the other community)
2   X X   X     Marcela, jaguarete ka'a, ka'api kachy manzanilla
3    X X   X    Manzanilla, cáscara de mandarina
4   X    X     Marcela
5   X X    X    ka'are, manzanilla
   X    X     ka'are
   X    X     yvyra rapo ju (cangorosa )
6   X    X    Jabrandi  
7   X X   X   Eucalipto   
   X X   X     Jaguane ka'a
8   X    X    Ñandyta  
9   X X   X   Mandarina   
10   X    X    Guaporovity  
11    X    X    Tabaco
   X X   X     busca ka'are
12 X     X    Sapiragy  
13    X    X    Tabaco
    X    X    ka'are
14    X   X     Tabaco
    X   X     ¤
15   X    X     Marcela
   X    X    Guaporovity  
  1. ¤ For this case the expert gives guavira, pari paroba, manzanillaand ka'api cachi. As those resources are not easy to obtain, people make the decision of attending hospital.