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Table 2 Five Case Study Initiatives Compared Against the Best Practice Criteria

From: Best practices in intercultural health: five case studies in Latin America

Project/Criteria Shaman's Clinic & MM Clinic (Suriname) Comadronas Midwifery (Guatemala) Makewe Hospital/Boroa (Chile) Jambi Hausi/Midwife and Yachac Associations (Ecuador) CRIC/AIC/IPS (Colombia)
Impact pm nm pm pm pm
Sustainability pm nm pm pm m
Responsiveness and Relevant m pm m pm m
Client Focus m pm m m m
Access m pm m m (urban) m
Coordination & Integration m nm m pm m
Efficiency & Flexibility pm pm pm pm pm
Leadership pm pm m m m
Innovation m pm m m m
Potential for Replication pm pm pm pm pm
Health/Policy Identification or Resolution pm pm m pm m
Capacity for Evaluation pm nm pm nm pm
m = met 5 0 7 4 8
pm = partially met 7 8 5 7 4
nm = not met 0 4 0 1 0