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Table 1 Animals used in the Popular Veterinary Medicine in Cubati – PB

From: The use of zootherapeutics in folk veterinary medicine in the district of Cubati, Paraíba State, Brazil

Animal Percentage of Citation Used Part Indications
Popular Vernacular Species    
Fox Cerdocyon thous 31.25% (n = 5) Fat Uterus prolapse
Ram Ovis aries 62.5% (n = 10) Castrated Ram Suet Arthritis, Bovine Gangrenous Coryza (hollow of the ox horny), rheumatism, woundy, edema, wounds, pointed stakes, fractures, swellings, furunculosis.
Cattle Bos taurus 37.5% (n = 6) Butter of the milk cream Pits, mastitis
    Butter of the curdled milk cream peri-oculars Irritations
    Milk Fractures
    Suet Bovine Gangrenous Coryza (hollow of the ox horny)
Pig Sus scrofa 43.75% (n = 7) Fat Pits, mastitis, burns, wounds, furunculosis.
    Fat of the pig scrotum Pits, pointed stakes, fractures, furunculosis, mastitis, torsion
Male goat Capra hircus 12.5% (n = 2) Castrated Male Goat Fat General wounds
    Feces pointed stakes
Armadillo- Peba Euphractus sexcinctus 18.75% (n = 3) Fat Pits, pointed stakes, wounds, furunculosis
Humans Homo sapiens 18.75% (n = 3) Urine Intoxication of the cattle when the ones feed of cassava (Manihot utilissima Pohl.)
Rattlesnake Crotalus durissus 31.25% (n = 5) Fat Wounds, Arthritis
Chameleon Iguana iguana 75% (n = 12) Leather Pits, pointed stakes, furunculosis.
    Fat Pointed stakes, General wounds
Turtle of water Phrynops spp. 25% (n = 4) Fat Swellings
Lizard-Teju Tupinambis merianae. 18.75% (n = 3) Fat Pits, pointed stake, wounds, furunculosis
Hens Gallus domesticus 43.75% (n = 7) Fat Mastitis, furunculosis
    Egg Uterus prolapse
    Feces Mastitis
    Gizzard skin Burns
Peru Meleagris gallopavo 18.75% (n = 3) Fat Furunculosis
Quail Nothura maculosa cearensis 18.75% (n = 3) feathers Snakes bites
Hornet-mestizo Polistes canadensis 12.5% (n = 2) Sting Cattle pits