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Table 3 Animals' diseases or illnesses popular names comparison, according to the inhabitants of Cubati, with the respective technical terms

From: The use of zootherapeutics in folk veterinary medicine in the district of Cubati, Paraíba State, Brazil

Popular Vernacular Technical Vernacular
Swelling joints Arthritis
Pits Pits
Hollow of the ox horny Bovine Gangrenous Coryza (Horns drill)
Big swell Edema
Pointed stake Thorns
Woundy Wounds
Wounds Wounds or Cuts
Fractures Fractures
Furunculosis Furunculosis
Swellings Swellings
Intoxication Alimentary intoxication
Irritation near of the eye Peri-ocular Irritation
"Rocky nipples" Mastitis
Snake bites Snake bites
"Mother's body" Uterus prolapse
Burns Burns
Hard joints Rheumatism
Torsions Torsions
  1. Note: The technical terms were obtained comparing the symptoms supplied by the residents of the studied area with Andrei [51] and Kelly [52]