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Table 14 The overlap of general and medicinal families and genera found in the Southwest Amazon area of Peru and in Mali, as contingency tables, with the significance of each table and whether the odds ratio and Jaccard similarity is significantly greater than the odds ratio and Jaccard similarity for the general flora. Odds ratios and Jaccard similarities that are greater than the corresponding values for the general flora (Tables 2 and 3) are italicized.

From: A quantitative synthesis of the medicinal ethnobotany of the Malinké of Mali and the Asháninka of Peru, with a new theoretical framework

Eczema family comparison
   present absent   
Mali present 4 13 17  
  absent 5 443 448  
   9 456 465  
  Odds ratio: 27.262   p value: 8.7749 × 10-05
     p value (OR > general OR): 0.28537
  Jaccard similarity: 0.182   p (Jaccard > general): 1