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Table 22 A summary of the significance of the the Jaccard similarity (Sim.) and odds ratio (OR) for the families and genera of plants used to treat each disease category between the Asháninka and Malinké being higher than the general flora similarity and odds ratio between the Asháninka and Malinké (: p < 0.1, : p < 0.05, : p < 0.0001, NS: not significant, p > 0.1)

From: A quantitative synthesis of the medicinal ethnobotany of the Malinké of Mali and the Asháninka of Peru, with a new theoretical framework

  Families Genera
Diseases Sim. OR Sim. OR
All studied
Trypanosomal NS
Malaria NS NS NS
   Auto-immune NS NS NS
Eczema NS NS NS
Diabetes NS NS NS NS
Asthma NS NS NS
   Uterine fibroids NS NS