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Table 3 Contingency table using the number of citations for each cetacean species quoted for the Northern and Southern coast of São Sebastião.

From: Whales, dolphins or fishes? The ethnotaxonomy of cetaceans in São Sebastião, Brazil

Cetacean Species Northern coast Southern coast χ2 P
E. autralis 13 24   
B. edeni 9 9   
M. novaeangliae 16 21   
T. truncatus 31 32   
S. bredanensis 8 8   
Delphinus sp. 11 9   
S. frontalis 13 14   
S. guianensis 32 30   
P. blainvillei 27 37 4.172 0.8413*
  1. Notes: Ho: proportion of citations for each species is independent if the fisher is from the Northern or the Southern coast of São Sebastião. * Non-significant P value, Ho is not rejected.