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Table 2 Cost of traditional health care and payment modalities according to five traditional healers

From: Comparison of health conditions treated with traditional and biomedical health care in a Quechua community in rural Bolivia

  1 2 3 4 5
Type of illnesses treated:      
   physical X     
   both spiritual and physical   X X X X
Patients have to pay for:      
   treatment d d X X X
   medicinal plants d d X X  
Means of payment:      
   ayni (labor exchange)   X    
   animals   X    
   crops   X X   
   money X X   X X
Amount to be paid (in BOB):      
   < 5      
   5–20   X X X X
   > 50      
   depends on treatment (type, duration) X   X   
Payment is due:      
   immediately after consultation X X X   X
   later, when patient has regained health X X   X X
  1. Explanation of symbols: X: answer indicated by healer; d: healer stated that it depends on the patient's financial situation; BOB: Bolivian Boliviano; 1 BOB = 0,125 € in April 2003