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Table 1 List of published research works on Ethnomedicinal uses of animals in different parts of India.

From: Traditional zootherapeutic studies in India: a review

Tribes/Ethnic Groups/Region/
Indigenous people
Number of
Chakhesang of Nagaland 23 Kakati and Doulo (2000)
Bhil of Rajasthan 17 Sharma S K (2002)
Bhil, Gamit, Kokna, etc of Maharastra 15 Patil S H (2003)
Bhopalpatnam (chhattisgarh) 3 Oudhia P (2003a)
Chhattisgarh 10 Oudhia P (2003b)
Chhattisgarh 7 Oudhia P (2005)
Kachch (Gujrat) 34 Gupta Leena et al (2003)
Irular, Kurimba of Tamilnadu 26 Solvan A et al (2004)
Kanikar, Paliyar of Taminadu 11 Ranjit Singh ASA (2004)
Naga tribe of Nagaland 26 Jamir N S et al (2005)
Dibrugarh (Assam) 4 Dilip Kalita (2005)
Ao tribe of Nagaland 25 Kakati L N et al (2006)
Mogya, Meena, Bawaria of Rajasthan 15 Mahawar, Jaroli (2006)
Shoka tribe of Uttaranchal 36 Negi and palyal (2007)
Saharia of Rajasthan 15 Mahawar, Jaroli (2007)