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Figure 1 | Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine

Figure 1

From: Is there a divide between local medicinal knowledge and Western medicine? a case study among native Amazonians in Bolivia

Figure 1

Non-metric multidimensional scaling with data from pile sorts of ethnomedical and biomedical treatments for gastrointestinal affections. Vejqui'(1), Vuayuri (3), Oveto'(4). Ibam'ta (2). Vambason (5). Mana'i root (6). Titij'(7), Pofi seed (8). Ashasha (9). Curpa (10). Klosidol (11), Viadil (12), Metronidazol (13), Carbon extract (14), Amoxiciline (15), Domper (16), Metoclopramida (17), Mebendazol (18), Albendazol (19), Noxon (20).

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