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Table 1 Ten most frequent items reported in free listings of gastrointestinal treatments by Tsimane' study participants (n = 12).

From: Is there a divide between local medicinal knowledge and Western medicine? a case study among native Amazonians in Bolivia

Scientific namea Family Tsimane'
Voucher Frequency Salienceb Gastrointestinal
affection treated
Uncaria guianensis (Aubl.) Gremlin Rubiaceae Oveto' TH044 12 0.29 Stomachache and diarrhea
Galipea longiflora Rutaceae Ibam'ta TH257 9 0.17 Stomachache and vomiting
Aspidosperma rigidum Flacourtiaceae Vambason TH153 5 0.13 Stomachache and diarrhea
Alum. Double sulfate of Aluminum and Potassium   Curpa   5 0.09 Stomachache and vomiting
Ficus cf. insípida Willd Moraceae Titij' TH123 5 0.15 Intestinal parasites
Hymenaea courbaril L. Leguminosae-Pap Vejqui' TH072 5 0.12 Stomachache and diarrhea
Carica papaya Caricaceae Pofi   3 0.10 Intestinal parasites
Indetermined   Jamo'tarara   3 0.08 Stomachache and intestinal parasites
Citrus lemon Rutaceae Ashasha TH531 3 0.10 Diarrhea and vomiting
Sparattanthelium burchellii Rusby Hennandaceae Vayori AN023 3 0.04 Diarrhea
Responses per person Mean = 5.5      
  Minimum = 2      
  Maximum = 9      
  SD = 2.4      
  1. Notes: a For this research, we did not collect vouchers. Information on scientific name and vouchers commes from TAPS data. Vouchers specimens are deposited in the Herbario Nacional de Bolivia, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz.
  2. b Salience (S) takes into account the frequency (F) of a given item in lists and the average rank of the item in the respondents list.
  3. S = F/NmP