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Table 3 Crabs identified in the stomach contents of Epinephelus marginatus from Bertioga (S.P.) and Copacabana (R.J.), Brazila.

From: Ecology and ethnoecology of dusky grouper [garoupa, Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe, 1834)] along the coast of Brazil

Locality Crab Species Family No. individuals or rests found in stomachs
Bertioga Cronius ruber Portunidae 1
  Eurypanopeus abbreviatus Xanthidae 1
  Menipe nodifrons Majidae 1
  Petrolisthes galatinus Porcellanidae 8
Copacabana Callinectes sp. Portunidae 1
  Cronius ruber Portunidae 9
  Eurypanopeus abbreviatus Xanthidae 2
  Menipe nodifrons Majidae 1
  Mithrax hispidus Majidae 2
  Not identified Xanthidae 1
  1. a Material identified through the key by Melo (1996) and revised by Melo (MZUSP, June 2007)