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Table 1 English translation of Professor J. Gajek's Questionnaire form no. 2. The booklet containing a set of identical questionnaires began with a header containing the location and details of the researcher (detailed address, all places they had lived, occupation, level of education) and the informants (names, dates and places of birth, places of habitation before 1939, occupations).

From: Archival data on wild food plants used in Poland in 1948

No. Question
1 Write the local name, commonly used by people.
2 Write other names, used more rarely in the locality.
3 Write names, ages and birth places of people who call this plant different names.
4 Specify the collection place (forest, arable field, meadow, scarp etc.) and date:
5 Mark months when the plant is collected for food with "x" [a table of months follows].
6 Write the folk names of the edible part of the plant.
7 Do the oldest people remember this plant being collected in the past? When?
8 Is it collected now?
9 If it is no longer collected, specify why.
10 Who collects the plant (children, the elderly, women, men?).
11 Is it only collected during spring food shortages or in times of famine (e.g. war?). Answer precisely!
12 Is this plant only collected and eaten by children or also by adults?
13 Specify the names of dishes made with this plant.
14 Do people store this plant for winter? How is it stored?
  Space for other remarks.
  Scientific name.