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Table 3 Traditional uses of E. senegalensis in Koutiala

From: Ethnopharmacological uses of Erythrina senegalensis: a comparison of three areas in Mali, and a link between traditional knowledge and modern biological science

Indications (Number of citation Plants parts used Mode of preparation Added substances or other plant parts Mode of Administration
Malaria (4 citations) Bark/root/leaves decoction/maceration   oral
Jaundice (4 citations) Bark maceration roots of Cochlospermum planchoni oral
   powder/decoction coffee, thee oral
  Root maceration   oral
  Leaves decoction   oral
Pain: headache/backache (4 citations) Leaves decoction   steam bath, back massage fumigation
  Bark powder butter  
Infections (3 citations) Bark powder fish soup consume
  root maceration Pennisetum sp oral
  Leaves/root/bark decoction Pennisetum sp oral
Gastrointestinal disorders (2 citations) Bark powder porridge consume
   decoction porridge oral
Tonic (2 citations) Root/leaves/bark decoction   oral
Nose bleeding Leaves decoction   steam bath
Thyphoid fever Bark decoction/maceration   oral
Dysmenorrhoea Leaves/bark maceration   oral
Internal wound Leaves/bark maceration   oral