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Table 4 Comparison of Fidelity level (FL) among traditional healers of the same area on the most reported diseases in Dioila, Kolokani and Koutiala.

From: Ethnopharmacological uses of Erythrina senegalensis: a comparison of three areas in Mali, and a link between traditional knowledge and modern biological science

Dioila Kolokani Koutiala
Diseases FL Diseases FL Diseases FL
Amenorrhea 21.3 Amenorrhea 21 Malaria 16.6
Malaria 11.6 Malaria 15.8 Jaundice 16.6
Weakness 8.7 Chest pain 10.5 Backache 16.6
Jaundice 8.7 Abortion 10.5 Infection 12.5
Pain 6.8 Wound healing 10.5 Diarrhoea 8.3
Dysmenorrhea 6.0    Abdominal pain 8.3