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Table 2 Folk medical uses of the aerial parts of Alpine wormwood (Artemisia genipi, A. glacialis, and A. umbelliformis) in diverse North-Western Alpine areas (See Figure 8 to located most of these areas on the map).

From: Alpine ethnobotany in Italy: traditional knowledge of gastronomic and medicinal plants among the Occitans of the upper Varaita valley, Piedmont

Area(s) Ethnic/cultural group(s) Preparation(s) Folk medical use(s)
Anniviers Valley, Switzerland FP Macerated in alcohol; made into home-made distillate with chopped apples and sugar. Depurative, digestive; high doses are considered dangerous (inducing circulatory disturbances in eyes and nervous system)
Aosta Valley, Italy FP Infusion in milk with honey Anti-tussive, anti-cold
Grande and Formazza valleys, Italy WA and PE Infusion in water; decoction in milk or wine; macerated in alcohol Anti-tussive, tonic, digestive
Les Allues, France FP Infusion in water or milk and butter (with sugar added); on rare occasions macerated in alcohol Anti-cold, panacea; high doses are considered dangerous
Sangone Valley, Italy FP Infusion in water Digestive
Susa Valley, Italy OC and FP Infusion in water Digestive
Germanasca and Chisone valleys, Italy OC* Infusion in water Digestive
Maira Valley, Italy OC Infusion in water;
macerated in alcohol
Diaphoretic, to prevent mountain sickness and syncopal attacks
  1. FP: Franco-Provençal. OC: Occitan. OC*: Occitan and Waldensian (according to religion).
  2. PE: Piedmontese. WA: Walser