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Table 1 Medicinal Plants of the Bench people

From: Medicinal plant knowledge of the Bench ethnic group of Ethiopia: an ethnobotanical investigation

Scientific name Voucher no. Local plant name Habit Ailment treated1, local name given in bracket Part used Application route
Aframomum corrorima (Braun) Jansen [Zingiberaceae]   orsha herb stomachache (gobkin koshki) seed oral
Ajuga integrifolia Buch.-Ham. Ex D.Don [Lamiaceae] MG-B32-2005 - herb retained placenta (kochiwutergu shida) leaf oral
Anarrhinum forskaohlii (Gmelin) MG-B13-2005 turtsay herb boil (kursi) Leaf Topical
Cufodontis [Scrophulariaceae]     arthritis (pits) leaf topical
Asparagus setaceous (Kunth) Jessop [Asparagaceae] MG-B3-2005 kingkang herb herpes (meshmesh) cladode topical
Bidens pilosa L. [Asteraceae] MG-B14-2005 gurday herb retained placenta (kochiwutergu shida)
ear infection (ay fug)
local (ear)
Carica papaya L. [Caricaceae]   papaya tree malaria (weba) leaf oral
Centella asiatica (L.) Urban [Apiaceae] MG-B50-2005 tikus-asht herb Meningitis (tikus) leaf oral, topical
Commelina benghalensis L. [Commelinaceae] MG-M88-2006 - herb skin infection (danch) leaf topical
Cynoglossum amplifolium Hochst. ex DC. [Boraginaceae] MG-B4-2005 ziyad herb eye infection (tseskin) Leaf local (eye)
     cataract2 (tsesin) leaf local (eye)
     wound (danch) leaf Topical
Dicrocephala integrifolia (L.f.) O.Ktze. [Asteraceae] MG-B80-2005 - herb cataract (tsesin) leaf local (eye)
Dyschoriste nagchana (Nees) Bennet [Acanthaceae] MG-B5-2005 kursi-asht herb boil (kursi) leaf/whole/above ground topical3
Drymaria cordata (L.) Schultes [Caryophyllaceae] MG-B10-2005 pits-asht herb Arthritis (pits) leaf topical
Hydrocotyle mannii Kook.f. [Apiaceae] MG-B29-2005 bezem-pesh herb cataract4 (tsesin) leaf local (eye)
Indigofera spicata Forssk. MG-B33-2005 kursi-asht herb boil (kursi) above ground oral
[Fabaceae]     tinea nigra (gayt)   topical
     meningitis5 (tikus) leaf oral, topical
     meningitis (tikus) above ground
whole part
Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. [Convolvulaceae] MG-B7-2005 siquar-dinich herb boil6 (kursi) leaf topical
Leucas deflexa Hook.f. [Lamiaceae] MG-B8-2005 qechemen herb diarrhoea (shote)
child diarrhoea (goken kosh)
ascariasis (wesfat)
above ground
local (nose)
oral, nasal
Microglossa pyrifolia (Lam.) O.Ktze. [Asteraceae] MG-B37-2005 tikus-asht shrub meningitis7 (tikus)
cow mastitis
root/leaf/above ground
oral, topical
Ocimum lamiifolium Benth. [Lamiaceae] MG-B81-2005 michi-asht herb MICHI leaf oral, topical, local (eye)
Pentas lanceolata (Forssk.) Deflers [Rubiaceae] MG-B6-2005 tigoch herb lymphadenitis (charush) root, leaf topical, oral
     boil (kursi) leaf/flower topical
     meningitis (tikus) leaf/root oral, topical
     abdominal cramp root oral
     (sheskan gazke)   
     arthritis (pits) root/leaf oral, topical
     cow mastitis root, leaf oral, topical
     meningitis (tikus) leaf oral, topical
Phyllanthus pseudoniruri Muell.Arg. [Euphorbiaceae] MG-B28-2005 saz-asht herb herpes (meshmesh) leaf topical
Phytolacca dodecandra L'Hérit. [Phytolaccaceae] MG-B82-2005 irtsets shrub dog rabies
Pouzolzia parasitica (Forssk.) Schweinf. [Urticaceae] MG-B18-2005 charun-asht herb lymphadenitis (charush) leaf oral, topical
Prunus africana (Hook.f.) Kalkm. [Rosaceae] MG-B17-2005 omo tree ear infection (ay fug)
toothache (bakin pug)
stem bark
stem bark
local (ear)
local (tooth)
Ranunculus multifidus Forssk. [Ranunculaceae] MG-B9-2005 chadera herb cataract (tsesin)
eye infection (tsesin)
local (eye)
local (eye)
Ritchiea albersii Gilg [Capparidaceae] MG-B42-2005 tikus-asht tree meningitis (tikus) leaf topical
Rumex abyssinicus Jacq. [Polygonaceae] MG-B40-2005 danch-asht herb itching skin (danch) root topical
Rumex nepalensis Spreng. [Polygonaceae] MG-B19-2005 germach herb abdominal cramp whole oral
     (sheskan gazke)   
     child diarrhoea root oral
     (goken kosh)   
     toothache (bakin root local (tooth)
     liver disease root oral
     (shorkeiz fuga) root local (eye)
     eye infection (tsesin)   
Salvia nilotica Juss ex Jacq. [Lamiaceae] MG-B2-2005 ziyad herb MICHI8 leaf nasal, topical (face),
local (nose)
Saniculata elata Buch.-Ham ex D. Don [Apiaceae] MG-B27-2005 kursi-asht herb boil (kursi) above ground topical
Smilax anceps Willd. [Smilacaceae] MG-B30-2005 yarep climber ear infection (ay fug) root local (ear)
Solanum anguivai Lam. [Solanaceae] MG-B12-2005 ambu herb Lymphadenitis (charush) leaf topical
Trichilia dregeana Sond. [Meliaceae] MG-B83-2005 desh tree tinea capitis (gayt) leaf topical
Trifolium rueppellianum Fresen. [Fabaceae] MG-B36-2005 tikus-asht herb meningitis (tikus) whole part oral, topical
Verbena officinalis L. [Verbenaceae] MG-B84-2005 - herb stomachache (gobkin koshki) root oral
Vernonia amygdalina Del. [Scrophulariaceae] MG-B1-2005 jampu tree MICHI9 leaf topical (face), local (nose)
  1. 1 Unless specified, the given disease is that of humans
  2. 2 Plant mixed with Hydrocotyle mannii
  3. 3 Plant mixed with Ipomoea batatas
  4. 4 Plant mixed with Cynoglossum amplifolium
  5. 5 Plant mixed with Microglossa pyrifolia
  6. 6 Plant mixed with Dyschorste nagchana
  7. 7 Plant mixed with Indigofera spicata
  8. 8 Plant mixed with Vernonia amygdalina
  9. 9 Plant mixed with Salvia nilotica