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Table 4 Campanian ethnopharmacological uses of Adiantum capillus-veneris L., Artemisia absinthium L. and Parietaria judaica L. in the last two centuries.

From: Extending the temporal context of ethnobotanical databases: the case study of the Campania region (southern Italy)

Botanical name Uses description Part used Preparations Authors
Adiantum capillus-veneris L. Against labour pains Aerial part Decoction Cirelli, 1853 [35]
  Emmenagogue Aerial part Infusion Limoncelli, 1862 [28]
  Local application on sores Leaves External use Gusumpaur, 1887 [36]
  Respiratory system affections: emollient, expectorant Aerial part Infusion Antonone et al., 1988 [37]
  Resolvent for contusions, antiecchymotic Aerial part Decoction De Feo et al., 1992 [38]
  Antitussive, for sore-throat and loss of speech. Externally against hair loss and dandruff Aerial part Infusion De Feo, Senatore, 1993 [39]
  Abortive, regulator of menses, anti-cough Aerial part Decoction of leaves with some dried figs, an apple, some Prunus cerasus L. fruits, some pieces of Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb epicarpus De Natale, Pollio, 2007 [40]
  Expectorant, antitussive, in the treatment of bronchitis, against dandruff and seborrhea Aerial part Decoction, infusion and tincture La Palometa, Grieco, 2003 [41]
  Antihelmintic Aerial part Decoction De Natale, Pollio, (unpubl.)
Artemisia absinthium L. Against malaria, abdominal pains, antihelmintic (external use) Aerial part Decotion (internal use), poultice (external use) Cirelli, 1853 [35]
  Against malaria Aerial part External use: poultice with Allium sp., Ruta sp., Mentha sp. on the wrist Jamalio, 1918 [42]
  Abdominal pains Aerial part Potion with rue and minth  
  1. treatment of diabetes and hypercholesterolemia; 2. stimulate liver function, against biliary calculosis and dyspepsia; 3. external use as cicatrizant for wound and sores; 4. to cure mumps Aerial part 1. decoction; 2. infusion; 3. topic use (crushed leaves); 4. topic use (maceration in olive oil) De Feo et al., 1992[43]; De Feo, Senatore, 1993 [39]
  Antihelmintic Aerial part Infusion with Ruta sp., Mentha sp., Matricaria chamomilla L. De Natale, Pollio, (unpubl.)
Parietaria judaica L. Treatment of pneumonia (antidolorific, external use) Aerial part poultice mixed with Cicuta virosa L. Cirelli, 1853 [35]
  Against rhagads (external use) Aerial part Poultice Cavara, 1954 [44]
  1. cholagogue and to treat cystitis and in renal and biliary lithiasis; 2. externally to treat sprains and haematomas; 3. fresh plant rubbed on the part to treat nettle rashes and insect bites Aerial part 1. infusion; 2. decoction; 3. fresh plant De Feo et al., 1992 [43]
  Diuretic, depurative, hemorrhoid lenitive, vermifuge, antitussive, antiecchymotic, resolvent for skin inflammation, sedative in cases of intestinal colic Aerial part Infusion, local application, crushed De Feo et al., 1992 [38]
  1. Diuretic digestive refresher, mild laxative; 2. externally, to allay subcutaneous bleeding Aerial part 1. Infusion; 2. decoction De Feo, Senatore, 1993 [39]
  Diuretic, to cure renal diseases Aerial part Decoction De Natale, Pollio, (unpubl.)
  Antiinflammatory, resolutive, for urinal tract. Against cystitis, the decoction of the fresh plant has to be drunk regularly (after a break of some weeks the cure should be repeated). Aerial part Decoction Scherrer et al., 2005 [45]
  Gastrointestinal inflammations and colitis Aerial part Local application